Lasertron Maintains an Unequaled Computer
System for Design and Quality Control
of All Our Stainless Steel Cabinet Products

Lasertrons CAD/CAM System for Design and Quality Control
Each cabinet is designed and visualized on our computer system. Then detailed drawings are produced and sent to you, or your designer, for approval. Once approved, these same files are then transmitted to our laser cutters and welders to assure exact fit and finish.

Finally your cabinets are assembled in our factory as a final "human" check that all cabinets meet the necessay specifications.


Each Cabinet is designed on our computer systemFull quality control of all cabinets

Extra stong construction of our stainless steel cabinets Shows the qualuity of Lasertron doors

Try doing this with an imported "off the shelf" stainless steel cabinet or door. We tested our laser cut & welded box by subjecting it to 1,000 pounds of "dead" weight - not for a few minutes but for several days. There was no distortion on any part of our cabinet box. We also tested or doors with a 95 pound weight and again, no distrotion. The quality is in the details.

Our stainless steel cabinets are built for lasting service, low maintainence, and beauty. The only limitation is your imagination.


More About Lasertron . . .

Lasertron holds four patents for the innovative designs of our cabinet doors. With our proprietary machines and software Lasertron is forging new processes to allow designers to use their imagination for unparalleled stainless steel decoration.

Established in 1979, Lasertron has become the premier manufacturer of Stainless Steel Cabinets, and a pioneer in Decorative Architectural Steel in the United States. Lasertron is on the cutting edge of technology while constantly maintaining an environmentally green facility.
Recognized as America's premier manufacturer and supplier of premium stainless steel cabinets Lasertron is able to fulfill any design specifications for Stainless Steel Cabinets. From simple brushed design, glass, etched, or even incorporating your artwork, Lasertron will produce your cabinets to custom specifications often at stock prices. Cabinets are made specifically for your installation, not hung and then finished with fillers. Once you see our installations, the quality, beauty, and design of our cabinets is apparent .

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“Your booth at KBIS 2008 was great and your products outstanding. We advise our clients; it is essential to their investments and dream house to choose accurate control and comfort of their kitchens and bathrooms, because of importance in their daily life, particularly interior design and accessory. We believe Lasertron, by offering stainless steel cabinet doors and drawer with glass options, gives fresh and contemporary and European style to any house or restaurants.

Please give our thanks to those who are behind such a great products".

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