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Lasertron has developed an innovative and environmentally friendly process for making custom etched stainless steel panels up to 48”x96”. Through an innovative process of selective masking, intricate designs of contrasting textures can be created on the surface of the steel. Simple or complex geometric designs, clip art or photographs can be processed in this manner. Multiple masking allows shades of gray to provide the “wow factor” designers and their clients

demand. The illusion of three dimensional geometry can be created so people will look twice.
Since the material is stainless steel and no coatings or paints are used, there is never any fading, cracking, or peeling. The panels can be used indoors or outdoors without concern about temperature or humidity. Marine grade stainless steel can also be used in those applications that are subjected to salt spray or corrosive environments.

As an added feature, the sheets can be custom cut to any shape and have the etched design perfectly oriented with respect to the contour of the cut shape, as well as the context of other panels. See further information on our Decorative Metal Website.

The History of Lasertron

Established in 1979, Lasertron has become the premier manufacturer of Stainless Steel Cabinets, and a pioneer in Decorative Architectural Steel in the United States. Lasertron is on the cutting edge of technology while constantly maintaining an environmentally green facility.
Recognized as America's premier manufacturer and supplier of premium stainless steel cabinets Lasertron is able to fulfill any design specifications for Stainless Steel Cabinets. From simple brushed design, glass, etched, or even incorporating your artwork, Lasertron will produce your cabinets to custom specifications often at stock prices. Cabinets are made specifically for your installation, not hung and then finished with fillers. Once you see our installations, the quality, beauty, and design of our cabinets is apparent .

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“Based on my research I picked your company to provide the stainless steel doors, drawers and trim for my kitchen renovation. I was a bit anxious even after you sent me a sample, but from what I could see your operation and product was the best.

Wow! My leap of faith panned out. My installer could not believe the high quality of your product, Everything fit together perfectly and was produced exactly to specification.

The kitchen looks spectacular as you will see when he sends in pictures next week, and I know it will provide us with years of carefree performance.
Congratulations for crafting such an extraordinary product"

Clarice F., Washington, D.C.
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